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Russia slammed his hand against the doorway, effectively blocking England from chasing after the Chinese nation.

He didn't meet the Russian's eyes and kept staring stoically ahead, "Get out of my way."

"Hmmm...and if I do? What will you do?" Russia asked sickeningly sweet.

He met the lavender eyes mocking him and glared. "I'm going to tell Yao what a fucking idiot he is. You think we don't know? Don't know what you're going to do to him? We've seen Liet! I'm going to knock some sense into that idiot! You can't stop me! You can't afford to wage another war after all the people you lost. Now get the fuck out of my way!"

Russia just smiled. He lifted a hand up and examined his fingers as if the dirt underneath his nails more important than the angry nation in front of him, "You know you were right~"

England blinked, perplexed that the larger nation agreed to his accusation so easily, "I-I am? Of course I am....About what exactly?"

Russia turned his hand around, admiring it in the sunlight. "Oh about how Yao is in bed," He glanced at England, grinning, "He IS very sweet in bed like you said. Especially the way he calls your name? It sends chills down your body doesn't it? It sounds like he's begging for have China, the once so proud and powerful nation a century ago at your mercy...yes you were right, it WAS a- how did you put it again? Ah yes, invigorating? " Russia laughed as England paled.

"Oh..."a shocked expression entered Russia's face, "but Jao never called you name in bed did he? I forgot." He laughed, "Yao HATES you doesn't he? Hates you for bringing him to his knees, for knocking him down his pedestal, for causing his downfall."

The hand that blocked his way, now laid consolingly on his shoulders as Russia leaned into whisper in his ears as if in secret, "I actually must thank you....I wanted China for a long, long time. Longer than YOU can imagine. Thank you for bringing him to me...because that's EXACTLY what you did correct?" Russia tightened his grip, "So don't go preaching to me when you were the one that forced Yao down this road, British Empire."

With that parting word, Russia walked off to where China waited for him....

"What did you and England talk about?"

Russia tilted his head and smiled at the ebony haired nation, "Guess~"

China sighed in exasperation, "If you don't want to tell me, then fine." China stared ahead and ignored his neighbor who was now his only ally.

For a moment Russia contented himself with the silence before suddenly saying, "I told Arthur you were a very, very passionate in bed. Too bad he could never hear the way you sigh out his name lovingly."

China stopped walking and stared at his comrade in disbelief. He could never tell if what Russia said was the truth or not. He frowned at the mention of his sordid past with the British nation and the topic of conversation, "....He never heard it and neither did you."

Russia captured the pony tail that laid on the side of China's shoulder, lifting it for his lips to kiss. "Ah...but I will won't I? Eventually. After all," Russia let the hair fall from his grasp and smiled at his southern neighbor that he lusted for so long, "we're going to be allies now are we not? It's best to improve our relations da? Arthur already had why can't I?"

China slapped the hand that was caressing his face away, "I'm not something to be had, Russia. Just because England, as you put it crudely, 'had' me, doesn't mean you will." He glared at the looming nation, "And you never will."

Russia laughed, "Never say never, Jao because you never thought you needed my support...but look at you now."
I thought I posted this here before...but I can't find it anymore. I'm losing track of everything I wrote O_O

Original Note:
Ending it here because if I keep writing, it'll just longer and longer damn it. (also because I don't know what else to write >_> )

Btw, all these drabbles will never have a true beginning or ending. As I said these are just jotting down ideas...
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...Where's the first one?
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Or you can use the Deviant link instead: [link]
KoinoMushi Featured By Owner Jan 15, 2012  Hobbyist Artist
Thank you!^^
xblkdragonx Featured By Owner Jan 14, 2012
It was titled Dawn and posted here: [link]

It's not related in anyway though. I just titled it 'Drabble 2" because it was my second drabble and I couldn't think of a title.
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