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Crack fics -my reason for living
While I occasionally write multi-chaptered fics, my forte is oneshots. I abhor writing multi-chapter fics and admire those who do write them.

I have cheatfics of Ivan and Yao that I cannot post here due to legal rights. Go here if u want to read them:…

My tumblr:

About my fics:

1. If you see "Jao" it is basically Ivan saying Yao's name with a Russian accent. If you see "Yiwan", it's the Chinese pronunciation of "Ivan" in Chinese.

2. In my first few fics, I made Yao end his sentences with "aru" but I took it out after I found that it ruined many serious moments. So I'll only use "aru" in crack or humorous fics.

3. There is no consistency in my characterization of Yao or Ivan. They change from one story to the next. This is best shown in "Affectionate China" with Yao. I do this because I try to find personalities best fit for the storyline.

4. I make a point in calling Yao and Ivan "China" and "Russia" in my fics to make it obvious when they say each others' human name. Calling each other by human name is a form of intimacy in my head canon. When they suddenly revert to call each other "China" and "Russia" then it is showing distance or dislike between the two characters. The only exception to this rule is my AU fics in which I strictly use human names (First Beyond Reason falls under AU btw).

5. For making Yao and Ivan OOC, I do it on purpose. For one, it's hard writing a serious fic with their canon personality. And secondly, I do not want to offend the Chinese or Russian readers. I have read too many angry reviews on other fics and unhappy blog entries on how foreigners treat their nation, to know what not to write. I also feel that there is no one "true" personality for Ivan and Yao. Each person/country view Hetalia differently. Japanese will differ from Americans, Russians from Chinese.
Last Status (10/16/2013): Outlining- word count 35,748
Current Status: Outlining- word count 48,027

Found an American author that writes historical romances set in ancient China. THANK GOD!!!!! Her style is exactly what I need for this story. It's even set in the Tang dynasty!

I've been reading her "The Dragon and the Pearl" and the way she describes the hero and heroine is almost how I imagine Ivan and Yao's interactions. I am taking everything I can out of that book and adding it to my resources!!!

Currently working on developing a RoChu dating visual novel game. Here's the premise of the story:
In a world similar to ours, the Empire of Xiang'An have dominated most of the East and North. The kingdom known as Yveiva has been under it's rule for well over 150 years, but the people of Yveiva held no bitterness towards their overlords. The Empire of Xiang'An placed no hard rule and asked very little of them. At the very fringe of the Empire, most lived their lives forgetting Yveiva had lost its sovereignty long ago...until a letter came from the capital. It was a missive directly from the Emperor, requesting the Kingdom of Yveiva to send him a tribute, a woman to enter his seraglio. After much debate, it was decided a daughter from a minor prince would be sent- Yekatrina, Ivan's beloved sister.

Worried for her safety, Ivan traveled with her, in hopes of seeing her safely married before journeying back home. Months turned into years and after traveling thousands of miles on the orders of an Emperor they never met, they finally reached the capital and found a horrifying truth.

For years, the Emperor forced woman to enter his harem to only later execute them the next day. It came to the point where Xiang'An had no more women of high birth to offer him. So, they reached further and further out into the empire for new sacrifices until they reached the very borders of Yveiva.

Furious and unable to leave his sister to die, Ivan defies the Emperor and challenges him. Yao, bored and tired of the palace life, found amusement in Ivan's defiance. As a distraction to the tedious court, he agrees to free Ivan and his sister if he can solve 5 riddles. Should Ivan fail at any point, then it's off with both their heads.

Ivan uses his wits to help him solve the riddles and navigate the cesspit of Xiang'An court, but the more he gets to know the palace residents, the more he's dragged down by their secrets until he could no longer tell which was the worst fate: dying by Yao's hand or leaving his side.

Game Progress- 0%
30%- Story: 0 out of 100%
-Game Outline: In-progress. Currently at 48,027 words (11/24/2013)
-Writing the story: 0 out of 100%

30%-Art: 0 out of 100%
-Game Sprite: 0 out of 100%
-Background Images: 0 out of 100%
-CG: 0 out of 100%
-Text boxes: 0 out of 100%
-Menu: 0 out of 100%
-Buttons/Selection box: 0 out of 100%

30%- Program: 0 out of 100%
-Insert Story: 0 out of 100%
-Insert Sprites: 0 out of 100%
-Insert CG: 0 out of 100%
-Insert Music: 0 out of 100%
-Insert CG: 0 out 100%
-Insert Background Images: 0 out of 100%
-Menu/Gallery/etc: 0 out of 100%

10%- Sound: 0 out of 100%
-Background Music: 0 out of 100%
-Sound Effects: 0 out of 100%
-Voice Acting: ???

Fanfic Status-All on hold until further notice
Summer Cicada
Wishes from the Heart
Tea Time for Two
Silence is Golden
(did I miss any WIP fics?)

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